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2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [NOT CURRENT CATALOGS]

Agricultural Entrepreneurship

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Program Objectives

degree program in Agriculture Entrepreneurship provides a balanced educational program that challenges students to be effective learners and leaders in the various fields of agriculture. As part of the comprehensive education the AE degree creates academic and practical experiences designed to produce graduates who are competent analysts, effective communicators, critical thinkers and ethical decision-makers. The overarching goal is to help students become citizens and professionals who properly manage scarce societal resources to benefit both the local community and the greater global economy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Content Knowledge: The ability to demonstrate knowledge of content within and across the disciplines of business and biological and physical science as it related to agriculture entrepreneurship. 
  • Inquiry: The ability to evaluate the interdisciplinary relationship between the scientific, political, economic, and human aspects of local, regional, and global issues impacting agriculture enterprises and food systems for current and future generations. 
  • Critical Thinking: Develop creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in agriculture enterprises.

Means of Assessment

Curriculum development must include direct connections between class learning outcomes and degree learning outcomes. The assessment of each course’s learning outcomes will include rubrics developed to assess both course and degree learning outcomes. An assessment cycle calendar will be followed to ensure adequate and timely completion of course and program assessment. The program will also contribute to the university’s assessment process by mapping and reporting communication, critical thinking, inquiry, civic engagement, and content knowledge outcome results. Closing the loop activities will also be conducted regarding assessment outcome results. All students completing the AE degree must enroll and pass AE 499 (Capstone). This course has intentionally embedded all aspects of the degree learning outcomes into the interim and final course assessment rubrics. Thus, students must show a high degree of competency within all degree learning outcomes to fulfill the AE degree.


    Major(s)Four Year Plan(s)

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