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2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [NOT CURRENT CATALOGS]

Public Administration

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Program Objectives

The major in Public Administration will build on the traditional strengths of the liberal arts, while at the same time providing the necessary management skills required for the unique responsibilities of the public sector. The program will introduce students to the political, economic and legal environments of a variety of public sector and nonprofit organizations. It stresses the analytical and problem-solving skills required of public administrators and the need to creatively apply appropriate data evaluation methods and techniques. It will also prepare students for careers in public and non-profit agencies, as well as graduate study in public and private administration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Content Knowledge: Produce effective and integrated application of the economic, legal, and political institutions, systems, and processes in the public sector.
  • Critical Thinking: Evaluate the use of analytical and quantitative abilities and skills for defining and solving administrative systems and problems.
  • Communication: Apply effective oral and written communication skills through interdisciplinary policy analysis. Civic Engagement: Demonstrate a commitment to civic responsibility through participation as an informed citizen in a variety of on and off campus settings.

Means of Assessment

Public Administration majors are evaluated in a variety of ways. They complete with a grade of C- or better required and elective courses that reinforce their knowledge of the economic, legal, and political processes, institutions, and environments in the public sector and nonprofit organizations. 

Traditional assessment tools such as written and oral testing, oral presentations and written research papers, assessment using the analytic and problem-solving skills required of public administrators, and the application of appropriate data evaluation methods and techniques will provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning. Whenever applicable, proficiency guidelines identified in Program Learning Outcomes and General Education Outcomes will be presented and explained to students, and other scoring guides and rubrics will inform students of assessors’ expectations.

Students earning the Public Administration degree will complete their studies with a capstone project. In preparation for this individually designed applied research project, students will enroll in POLS 450 - Applied Policy Analysis  where they will conduct a detailed, critical analysis of a public sector policy issue. The conclusion of the Capstone project includes presentation and discussion of the project to relevant faculty, and if appropriate, at the student research symposium at EOU, “Sharing the Learning.”


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