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2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [NOT CURRENT CATALOGS]

Interdisciplinary Studies

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Program Objectives

The BA and BS degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) provides students with an interdisciplinary approach relevant to their life experiences and career goals. Students combine two areas of study into one interdisciplinary degree program. Students select one of the following three program options:

  1. Two EOU Minors (In most cases, these must be selected from separate program fields. Two minors from Physical Activity & Health may not be used to form an Interdisciplinary Studies major. The minor may also not be selected from an “endorsement” area).
  2. One Minor from EOU with One Minor from another accredited institution.
  3. One EOU minor and an Individualized Plan.

Students work directly with faculty in the disciplines they choose. They should consult with their academic advisors as early as possible to obtain program approval and to achieve timely completion of general education, language, and other degree requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Eastern Oregon University students prepare for their careers and lives as citizens by:

  • Content Knowledge: Gaining breadth of knowledge in the subjects selected.
  • Communication: Strengthening their ability to inquire, create, and communicate
  • Civic Engagement: Being engaged in the community and exercising personal and social responsibility
  • Critical Thinking: Integrating, applying, and reflecting on their skills and knowledge

Recognizing the variety of disciplines incorporated in Interdisciplinary Studies majors, the university learning outcomes listed above provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate and apply each learning outcome within the students’ minors.

Means of Assessment

Assessment will be aligned with each discipline involved in a specific Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. The degree program will follow the assessment cycle designed for each minor or subject area included in the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. Courses will be assessed by following the curriculum assessment cycle for minors that contribute to the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program.



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