Feb 28, 2024  
2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [NOT CURRENT CATALOGS]


Nursing programs within the state of Oregon require that students take a series of prerequisite courses in order to meet admission criteria. A variety of nursing programs exist for students to consider. EOU students typically complete prerequisite coursework as required by Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing (OHSU-SoN) in order to be eligible for admission to the OHSU-SoN La Grande campus, or other OHSU-SON branch campuses. Completion of prerequisites does not guarantee admission to the OHSU-SoN baccalaureate degree program. The pre-nursing program is a one to two-year curriculum consisting of anatomy and physiology with lab, nutrition, mathematics, English composition, statistics, human development, as well as humanities and social science electives. Completion of a microbiology course is required. Additionally, completion of a chemistry course is strongly recommended. For information about the baccalaureate degree program in Nursing on the EOU campus, see Oregon Health & Science University Nursing, in this catalog. Students wishing to apply to other Oregon nursing programs are highly recommended to obtain prerequisite information from the schools to which they will be applying. Students should be aware that prerequisite requirements for other nursing programs may differ from those of OHSU and require a longer length of time to complete. In addition, students should be aware of the different application periods. Students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their pre-health advisor when choosing appropriate coursework. Admission to a nursing school is competitive, requiring high academic achievement.

PDF of Pre-Nursing Checksheet